ZARP is a Post Zombie Apocalypse themed Minecraft server. Set within the decayed remains of The City, players select a class such as guard, medic, and scout, and level up whilst fighting the Zombie hordes.

Ongoing storylines will explore the history of the server and open new areas and features.

Currently Dr Metz is trying to decode the mysterious discovery at TheDig site.

As well as breakdown of the player classes and zombies, you’ll find resources such as the Map, and player stats.

Read the latest apocalypse news below.


We’re almost at the end of Beta stage – in fact nearly “Pre-Release Candidate”. I’m compiling the full list of official rules now. When complete the rule board in-game will be updated at spawn, but as always the website rules will be most upto date. And any ruling by staff will take priority, regardless of … Continued