LegendQuest survives on perks and donations. Without donations to pay for the hosting bill, new premium plugins, web-server resources and of course the time spent coding awesome new plugins such as ZombieMod.  Whilst perks do provide some cosmetic or fun addition, they exist to give a public demonstration of your support for the servers and contribution to keeping them alive 😉  So let me say thanks in advance for what you are about to purchase…


Rank Name Amount
None Less than $10
Iron Between $10 and $20
Gold Between $20 and $50
Diamond Between $50 and $100
Emerald Over $100

To show support all your donations are tracked and recorded and you are awarded ranks based on the total amount donated to LegendQuest. Also when the server is full players that have donated more will receive priority, a lesser donating player will be kicked (with a polite message) to make room.

Your rank letter will display next to your player name to show everyone how awesome you are! And in future once enough ranked players exist I will open a forum erea just for ranked players to post in.

Note that perks are not donations and don’t count towards your rank total.

You can donate via paypal in the following currencies, or even via bitcoin.  Please not you can donate via credit card using the PayPal links without having a paypal acount – just look for the “Don’t have a PayPal account?” option on the PayPal payment page.


Perks are one-of payments for an extra ability or accessory.  These perks will never effect game play on the server,  and offer just cosmetic add-ons for you to show off on the server.

Note that perks are non refundable and subject to change without notice.  Any change would only be due to lack of updates for server updates and would be replaced with something of similar worth when possible.


Pets are small companions that follow their owner around as they travel.
You can change you pet type to any that you have purchased, but only ever one pet at a time  Pets are restricted to the baby forms when available, and cannot attack or be attacked.
Buying “All” gives all available/remaining pets in one go. Please note that due to demand and status – creeper pets cost $10.


Now you too can look stylish is this seasons latest obsidian head!
Just use /hat to wear the block in your hand as a hat. simple.
$10.00 USD 

Factions Anonymity

Perfect for the faction who doesn’t want to be found…
This perk removes your faction from the Dynmap.

You should only buy this if you are a faction leader or have their permission.


Custom Zombies

Probably my most requested perk, buy this and I’ll make a custom zombie type with you.
Note that I get final say on the zombie design, and will reject anything unbalanced. Also the spawn rate, XP and bounty will be set by be based on the zombies design.

The 3 costs refer to the power and rarity of the zombie. Lords are similar to the Uber, EnderLord, Breeder and Nexus – titans are the Goliath, Behemoth and Titan types.

If you’re interested in this I suggest contacting me by PM first to check if your idea is viable.