Compatible with craftbukkit-1.8/spigot-1.8 and 1.8.3 builds (as well as 1.7.9)

Checkout the new LegendQuest addons:
ManaBar: An always visible ManaBar on the GUI
MagicItems: MagicItems that modify stats and have classic +X enchants, as well as a customisable RPG friendly enchanting overhaul, and 3 new skills for working with items.

LegendQuest was created to power SableCraft’s RPG servers, and with it players are able to become heroes and shape their character with a wide range of races, classes and skills.

LegendQuest is designed from the beginning to be completely configurable, highly flexible, and totally adaptable to your needs. Consisting of a system of configurable races, classes and skills. LegendQuest is the core of your servers RPG setup, and powers all your RPG elements.

Server owners have the option of completely customising their RPG setup.
Want to go high fantasy Tolkien style? Setup Humans, Elves, Orcs, Dwarfs and Hobbit races, with fighter, mage, bard, ranger and more as classes.
Want a modern setting? Turn of races, and setup classes for mercenary, merchant, soldier, etc. Or use “race” for a body type – Brute, Athletic, Intelect…
Want a more classic MineCraft feel – Make races for Human, Ender, Wither and Pigmen. And classes for miner, farmer, hunter, crafter…

It’s your RPG experience – your way.

As characters gain experience, they can gain more skills, health, mana. Either unlocking skills automatically as they level up – or by earning skill points to choose the skills they want. Its up to you the server owner which system to use, you can even mix and match both.

More importantly, each class and race can have limits placed on allowed, weapons, tools, armour and “abilities” such as crafting, smelting, enchanting, repairing etc… And you can (per class/race) turn them on/off, use the inbuilt groups (or add your own) to quickly give sets of allows, or control down to specific item at individual levels, as general or as detailed as you need.

LegendQuest also lets you use other plugins as skills by setting and removing permissions nodes and issuing commands complete with delays, build-ups, duration, cooldown, mana cost, cash, karma and material costs! Way beyond the simple on/off mechanisms of other systems.

For example this config lets you use essentials Fly, Jump and Workbench commands as skills:

        level: 0
        cost: 0
        perm: essentials.teleport.timer.bypass
        type: PASSIVE
        level: 0
        cost: 0
        cooldown: 6000
        perm: essentials.workbench
        command: workbench
        level: 10
        cost: 0
        buildup: 1000
        delay: 1000
        cooldown: 20000
        duration: 10000
        consumes: FEATHER
        commandon: "fly on"
        commandoff: "fly off"
        level: 0
        cost: 5
        cooldown: 6000
        delay: 1000
        buildup: 1000
        perm: essentials.jump
        command: jump

You can read more indeph info here.


Complete, configurable RPG plugin.
Advance your characters by earning experience.
Completely configurable classes, races and skills.
Alignment tracking – are you being good, or evil?
Easy setup – drop in the jar, and go! Run with the default setup – or go wild with your own settings!


This plugin is now in beta and has the following features…

  • Races – Optional use of race types in your server. Fully customisable by adding/removing/editing config file for each race.
  • Classes – Optional use of Class types in your server. Fully customisable by adding/removing/editing config file for each class. Each class can be limited to one or more races.
  • Skills – Each class with allow either unlocking classes at various levels OR accumulate skill points to allow players to select from a list of skills for each class/race.
  • loadouts – (NEW) specify class items to use to quickly select and use skills.
  • Alignment – Your deeds count! – Option to track players actions and reward or remove alignment points as appropriate. Now with optional kamra rewards, penalties or requirements for skills.
  • Combat – Your statline will affect how often you hit, dodge and damage in combat.
  • Persistence – Use SQLite or MySQL for data storage.
  • Parties – join with friend to share experience, give/recieve buffs, stop PvP and teleport back to your group 🙂


The following plugin API’s add extra optional features:

  • Vault – each skill can have a monetary cost applied.
  • Factions – prevents some skills causing PvP damage and altering blocks in rival factions.
  • GriefPrevention – prevents some skills causing PvP damage and altering blocks in other players claims without permissions.
  • Towny – prevents some skills causing PvP damage and altering blocks in rival towns/plots.
  • MChat – adds variables for use in MChat formats.
  • Deluxechat Placeholders. See list of available codes here.
  • WorldGuard – honour no PvP and protected regions.

Planned updates:

  • CityWorld – because I can, because it’s awesome 😉 – mainly thinking detection of nature zones for ranger bonus’s and urban zones.
  • AntiCheat – So skills don’t trigger cheat warnings. (You can always use perms to add the exceptions 🙂 )

Please feel free to leave feedback – and let me know what you want to see in this RPG plugin.


See the following pages for help on each aspect of LegendQuest config and usage.


CraftBukkit 1.7.9+ / Spigot 1.8.1+
SQLibrary For database persistence.

Please note that LegendQuest is built against Bukkit and is NMS/OBC free. Minecraft updates should not affect LegendQuest, only Bukkit API changes. This should make things much simpler during updates. (Each extra skill jar may or may not be NMS free.)

Source code