LegendQuest uses the following commands.

description: Control the LegendQuest plugin.
aliases: [legendquest,lquest,legendq]
you can use /lq [commandname] in place if any of the following commands, if another plugin has taken ownership of that command. e.g. /lq stats sablednah is functionally the same as /stats sablednah
description: View or set your race.
aliases: [lqrace,lquestrace,legendqrace,legendquestrace]
use /race list to list available races, and /race [racename] to select your race.
Same as /race list
description: View, choose, or change your class’s.
aliases: [lqclass,lquestclass,legendqclass,legendquestclass,clas]
use /classlist to list available classes, and /class[racename] to select your class. You can also use /class sub [classname] to choose a secondary class. Changing before mastery will result in a warning message that require repeating the selection with a confim suffix.
Same as /class list
description: View, choose, or change your Skills.
aliases: [lqskill,lquestskill,legendqskill,legendquestskill]
Use /skill list to list skills your race and class have. Those you can use are marked with a *. #/skill [skillname] with use a triggerable skill. /skill buy [skillname] will buy a skill that requires skillpoints.
Same as /skill list
description: Link skill to item.
aliases: [lqlink,lquestlink,legendqlink,legendquestlink,bind,lqbind,lquestbind,legendbind,legendquestbind]
/link [skillname] links right clicking with the selected item to the skill specified, so you don’t need to type /skill [skillname]. /link list shows all your current links.
/links | /binds
Same as /links list
description: Get your player stats
aliases: [lqstats,lqueststats,legendqstats,legendqueststats]
List your current stats. Or use stats [playername] to view another players stats
description: Get your health
aliases: [lqhp,lquesthp,legendqhp,legendquesthp]
List your current health.
description: Get your player karma
aliases: [lqkarma,lquestkarma,legendqkarma,legendquestkarma]
List your current karma. Or use karma [playername] to view another players karma
description: Test an attribute
aliases: [lqroll,lquestroll,legendqroll,legendquestroll,test]
/roll with a combination of: [player] [str|dex|con|int|wis|chr] [integer|very_easy|easy|average|tough|challenging] to roll the dice to perform a test for roleplay purposes.