Zarp Updates

As you may have noticed ZARP has moved to new hardware. We’re now co-hosting with Spirit’s IMC Rust server. Pooling resources lets us buy better hardware for both, and since changeover we have had none of the unexplained crashes that plagued the old hosting.

So, now we’re stable, I’m assessing how many player slots to limit ZARP to. This will depend upon donations, as the more donations we receive the more memory we can buy – and memory for Minecraft Servers is equal to player capacity. So on that note I’m working on a new priority slot system. Once at capacity players that have donated will still be be able to join, with higher donors booting those who have not yet donated or people who have donated less. As donations increase we’ll be able to buy memory and increase slots. Hopefully this will encourage donations and increase our player base.

Also ZARP has updated to new lighter weight factions 2.7.1. This now allows faction anonymity – for just $10 you can guy a perk to hide your faction from the dynmap. Perfect for those factions that want to avoid attention.

Expect a new buying page on the website very soon to allow automatic purchase of Pets, and payments for manual processing for Hats and Faction anonymity, as well as Donations for ranks.

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