We’re almost at the end of Beta stage – in fact nearly “Pre-Release Candidate”.

I’m compiling the full list of official rules now. When complete the rule board in-game will be updated at spawn, but as always the website rules will be most upto date. And any ruling by staff will take priority, regardless of text in the rules as staff may know of new policies yet to be added to the documentation. Had people disputing exact wording of stuff such as the difference between a hack and a mod (the difference is all hacks are mods – and hacks are mods I don’t want people to use), and exactly what constitutes “staff”.

On that note I’ll again explain the structure in place on LegendQuest servers.

Visitors: People yet to register on the website. They cannot use some commands till they do.

Members: Players that have registered.

Mod: (Moderators) Mods can tempmute, kick and tempban. They are first line of defence to stop spam and griefing till staff can intervene. Mods are NOT staff, they are trusted members of the community. Moderator can be rewarded simply for long or valued service to the server. Moderators may be allow to participate in staff discussions – but would get no vote in formal matters. Mods should however receive the respect as any other player should. Moderators have been given just enough to help stop trouble and “moderate” other new players, but are still able to PvP and run factions without effecting gameplay.

Sheriff: Sheriffs can Jail, mute, ban and kick as well as tempmute and tempban. They also have access to HawkEye the tool for detecting block edits and rollback. Sheriff’s get to read the staff forum, offer opinion and vote in most (but not all) matters. The role of the sheriff is as the name implies, to keep the piece and punish rule breakers. The sheriff should be treated as a sheriff in an RPG sense too. Sheriff ability restrict then from PvP, they can also not lead a faction unless it is only staff. They should not get involved in faction disputes or politics. They are the law </Dredd>.

Staff: This is the “Real” staff level. Staff can only be in or run staff only factions and should not engage in faction politics. They can’t PvP. Staff aren’t really participating the RPG element – although they could do so on a “lord” or “ruler” kind of role.  Staff role is to help keep the server running smoothly.

Hope that clarifies some things.  If you know or find any bugs not mentioned in the forums open a new post and let us know.  I’ve recently fixed “effect removal on death” and some null events when asking to joint a party of someone who is offline.

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