What is LegendQuest?

It’a a plugin.

LegendQuest is a RPG plugin for MineCraft servers using the Bukkit API.

Its a server.

LegendQuest role play servers use LegendQuest Plugin to provide a range of RPG experiences.  Starting with Zarp – the Zombie Apocalypse Role Play server.

It’s a community.

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Profile photo of HarleyHarley (Saturday, Apr 16. 2016 01:35 PM)
Profile photo of UlthirmUlthirm (Thursday, Sep 22. 2016 03:51 AM)
Hey how does lq store playerdata? We have a player stuck in a race and we have resorted to deleting theirinfo.
Profile photo of JkmJkm (Wednesday, Oct 5. 2016 01:54 AM)
Is the server ever going to be worked on? If you need help, I can help
Profile photo of SpiritwindSpiritwind (Wednesday, Nov 30. 2016 08:50 AM)
Miss you guys
Profile photo of ValdrinarValdrinar (Thursday, Jun 1. 2017 03:10 AM)
I wish this server became more active.

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